About Us

What makes you a Gujarati? Is it the list of words that have become a hashtag for our way of life, be it among friends of other states, or in Bollywood movies? Is being Gujarati only about Dhokla, Garba, Kediya, Paaghdi, Daal-Dhokli, Baandhni and Thepla?

What makes you a Gujarati, primarily, is the language you speak. Gujarati itself. You are what you speak. And that also describes us: we are a bunch of Gujarati-obsessed individuals who would like you to remember that our mother tounge is cool, it has its own swag, and it can absolutely capture everything that is in your heart. And we’re looking at re-introducing this beautiful language to you, through our app, Jalso.

Hun Gujarati… ane tame?